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Snowy Mountains

Our process is simple. Call us now and ascend today! 

Step 1:
Initial Contact and Consultation
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  • Client calls Ascend.

  • Ascend conducts conflict check.

  • Free initial consultation is scheduled. 

  • During initial consultation, Ascend Attorney and Client discuss relevant case and issues.

  • Ascend project is established and defined.

  • Deadlines for the first draft and final draft of project are set (all deadlines are guaranteed).

  • Budget for project is established.

Step 2:
First Draft and Editing
Couple hiking help each other silhouette
  • First draft of project is sent to Client on or before pre-scheduled due date.

  • Client reviews first draft.

  • Client and Ascend Attorney schedule a meeting to discuss Client's thoughts/edits.

  • First draft review meeting is free of charge.

Step 3:
Final Draft
Climber or alpinist at the top of a moun
  • Ascend incorporates Client's edits and sends Client the completed project on or before pre-scheduled due date.

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