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Don’t Be Afraid of Remote Legal Work

The Covid-19 pandemic has been getting most of the credit for pushing professionals, including lawyers and law firms, towards more remote practices. However, professionals have been finding ways to work remotely long before the pandemic. People are re-prioritizing work, family, friends, and fitness. Many want to work to live and not the other way around. Though some areas of law are easier to practice remotely than others (ie: criminal law vs. estate planning), it is important to remember that the way your run your law firm is up to you. While the practice of law itself may be ancient, the way we practice does not have to be. Don’t be afraid to explore new options!

The following three articles and blogs offer guidance and insight into transitioning your legal practice to the world of remote work:

Written by Teresa Matich:

  • Teresa Matich sets forth 10 easy steps for lawyers to follow while working remotely.

Page edited by the Lawyerist editorial team.

  • The editorial team at Lawyerist walks through the steps of going remote, discussing everything from home office tools to developing a remote company culture.

  • Michael E. McCabe discusses the ethics, pros, and cons of remote legal work.


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